New about the activities of "ISIVET" LLC

Research that prepares and determines the crisis-free development of self-regulating social systems (a concept borrowed from our development, “Fundamentals of the Theory of Social Self-Regulating Systems”) in all their aspects (spirituality, social relations, economics ...), and are derived in the title of our institute activities.

Another direction that is equally important for us is innovative (innovative) activity.

     Dealing with the development of the economic potential of customers, we develop, attract and offer to introduce new equipment, technologies and organization of production in various industries.

One of these developments, allowing its users to have large, to put it mildly, revenues, is the New Organization of Labor in Commerce (NOTT). This technology, due to a sharp reduction in the turnover period of the ruble, turns this type of activity into an extremely profitable one.

(And this is far from its only dignity. So, no less attractive is the fact that turnover along with our system of work organization includes, along with the money supply, so-called depositary receipts, which cannot be limited by anything. Replacing the money supply, they does not fall under any

Our commodity turnover system is the basis for creating structures such as credit unions, allowing citizens to ensure, in addition to reducing costs for them in the consumer basket, the safety of their savings, to ensure their substantial growth.).

It should be noted, at the same time, the fact that this technology, by virtue of its social orientation, was developed as a mechanism for creating a powerful electorate. Therefore, politicians should also be very interested in the development of NOTs.

Our other development is one of the constitutional forms of protecting private business from criminal harassment of some officials, representatives of inspection bodies. This is the “Business Security Service” in the form of a non-profit partnership. Organizing it and participating in it will allow you to comprehensively solve all the problems associated with inspections of your company by any of the controlling structures. This is a highly effective system of self-defense for both business structures and entrepreneurs themselves.

We are also ready to provide a number of business services, in particular, to attract new (as well as used) equipment, technology and production management for you, to help you master them, to launch the entire technological chain of production or trade, to control its uninterrupted functioning with subsequent business consulting (in the field of marketing, taxation and law).

We are ready to provide the chosen direction with investment.

We can help you check any of your foreign partners for consistency, as well as warn you and prevent your contacts with potential domestic bankrupts.

We are ready to provide a range of services to foreign producers in the organization and development of their branches and representative offices, joint ventures and affiliated enterprises in Russia.

The organization involves the creation of representative offices and other turnkey organizational forms:

- formation of demand (market) for products, goods and services;

- development of regulatory documents for representative offices, selection of premises, selection of specialists, registration of the structure being created (if necessary, because a civil law contract does not require representation offices), organization of an advertising company, equipping with communication systems, transport, control over their activities and other necessary measures .

Development involves the use of aggressive marketing policies and includes work on:

- expansion of the information field for the goods presented, and hence the sales market;

- control over the activities of competitors;

- the development and implementation of measures to counter trade policy of competitors, as well as their products;

- collecting, processing and communicating to producers information on consumer complaints about their products;

- development of a network of service departments, including the production of spare parts, etc.

        In our power to carry out the selection of partners for your producers, assisting them in conducting trade transactions.

        Perhaps your manufacturers and you will be interested in analytical information concerning the state of the Russian markets for products, goods and services (both domestic and foreign), as well as other aspects of our livelihoods.

     Our capabilities allow us to offer you to conduct complex commodity exchange large-scale operations.

For each customer, we can select exactly the region that will be most interested in the presence of your products, goods and services.

We are ready to organize permanent or one-time exhibitions (exhibitions-sales) of products, goods and services of your manufacturers, primarily in Moscow,

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