Dear friends! We open publications concerning our nearest plans. We are starting to recruit staff of all organizations mentioned on my blog. First about the Institute.

ISIVET LLC is a socially-oriented organization.

Our main task is the development of moral business among young people.

In our personnel policy, we rely on older people (who are not held by employers) and on young people (which business leaders do not want to see because of their lack of work experience), thus implementing the continuity of generations.

Studies that prepare and determine the crisis-free development of self-regulating social systems in all their aspects (spirituality, social relations, ideology, politics, economics ...), and are derived in the title of our institute, are the main subject of its activities.

Other, equally important areas for us are: innovation and implementation activities.

Being engaged in the development of the economic potential of Russia, we develop, attract and offer to introduce new equipment, technologies and organization of production in the most diverse industries.

To make it clearer for you, what kind of specialists we will be happy to see, here is a brief list of the most successful developments of the Institute (ISIETET LLC):


- The gas-jet machine of a cold stream for release from de-icing of the runway (Protected by the Patent of the Russian Federation. It has the certificate of conformity No. ROSS RU.MB21.H00740), ready for sale. Demand is available.

Agrarian sector.

- the technology of production of highly effective fertilizer "Biohumus", as well as full organic fertilizer with a neutral PH based on it. TU was developed by NIPTIOU Vladimir, ready to be launched into production. There is a demand;

- creation of wasteless, year-round, non-volatile, environmentally friendly agricultural production of a closed cycle - ready for implementation. Demand is great;

- land recultivation after military, road transport, aviation bases, as well as after man-made disasters. There is a demand;


- an improved sales system for commodity producers, which is organized at the expense of buyers, provides a sharp increase in sales, a reduction in the rate of turnover of the ruble, a reduction in the cost of marketable products, profit growth through the creation of a network of consumer societies and their depository centers (dual-use technology). Development is ready for implementation;


- automated fire fencing system (border, specially protected objects). Installation is under construction design documentation. Manufacturing will begin after obtaining a license and entering into contracts with affiliates;

- development of an anti-sniper automated system. The complex is under construction design documentation. Manufacturing will begin after obtaining a license and entering into contracts with affiliates;

Radio electronics.

- creation of a highly efficient security system of radio-relay type, which allows to “distinguish” 100,000 objects in the field of view, identifying them The system is under development KTD;


- sound amplifier for swimmers-divers (dual-purpose technology) - ready for implementation;


- technological complex for industrial high-speed collection of petroleum products from the surface of reservoirs. A concept embodied in sketches. After the decision of a partner about investing, a prototype will be completed. One ton of adsorbent allows you to collect up to 10 tons of petroleum products. The flotation ability of the material is maintained up to 30 days. The degree of water purification reaches up to 97% !!! The cost of the adsorbent is 12,000 dollars per ton. Customers are available;

- the creation of artificial (not damaged) filters made from natural materials for the purification of any water and bringing its composition to drinking standards - at the modeling stage;

- technology of mechanized sand fixing in deserts and creation of oases based on this technique and technology. Development is ready for implementation;


- creation of installation for obtaining super cheap electricity. The experiments were successful. Working drawings are being developed;

- obtaining a combustible gas mixture from water. The experiments were successful. Prototypes are being prepared;

- production of new type wind turbines (mine, closed wind turbines). The project is stopped at the stage of creating an industrial design due to insufficient funding.

General Director of ISIWET LLC AG Nemchenko

THEORY OF LOVE (From Drafts)

In my opinion, very often two completely different concepts are confused in people's minds: God's love and human love ...


This is human love.

Practice shows that every believer in God, when he first comes to the Temple of God, experiences a condition that can be described as euphoric. This is a state of mind when joy, happiness overwhelms you all, seemingly for no apparent reason. And you pour it on all those around you ...

And this is already the love of God, when a man (for a brief moment at least) is resisted by God, who came to the World to save, first of all, sinful people !!! This is love that is unfeigned, true, Orthodox ...

By pouring out His grace upon his children, the Lord shows what kind of bliss awaits this person if he takes the path indicated in the Teaching of God - in the Gospel.

Where did the Lord Almighty, the creator of heaven and earth, send his only begotten son to save the lost humanity? - That's right, to Israel ...

And why?

There still remained people loyal to the Covenants of their ancestors — pure souls, believing, both in scripture and in Tradition, and sincerely wanting to meet their Heavenly Father ...

Alas ... On the way to GOD there will definitely be difficulties - the Falls (the demon will not let you go), but this should not be discouraged. The main thing is to rise, and, if you truly believe in the Divine Teaching, once again walk the path delineated by God !!!

The main thing is to sincerely believe Him, give Him your life, your destiny - let Him take care of you, because you are His child ... You only need to pray (communicate) more often, both to God, as his Mother - It is for the Virgin Mary, and for all the saints.

If you study the holy fathers, you will know that every word that comes from the mouth of God is TRUE !!!!!! ...

And the Lord says that man is created in the image and likeness of God, therefore he does not become a half God only because of his laziness ...

Having created the Universe, the Lord made efforts to populate all the worlds, all galaxies like His own pure beings - us. Our goal is not just to save the soul, but to become the rulers of the UNIVERSE ...


And it is quite another thing to love a person - this means, first of all, to find such a soul mate, to merge with it together, feeling the joy of only realizing that you have it (she) !!!

Communicating with him brings incredible joy, ease, happiness ... just from the fact that your chosen one (-s) is with you ... And how unbearable longing for sweet (sweet) apart is ...

Here, somehow, in my opinion ...

This, so to speak, is a prelude, defining the main content of the Theory of Love.

In short, love is a long-term self-suggestion associated with the formation of a so-called person in the subconscious of a person. "ideal image" (I.O.) of a man or a woman. If it is formed, and you meet in real life a person like IO, a so-called occurs. the resonance of feelings ... From now on, you can’t do without this person ...

Unfortunately, this is especially happening in recent decades, people’s meetings are very fleeting, not prepared. Therefore, resonance, as a rule, occurs only in one ...

The second - only allows himself to love, no more, no less.

That is why breaks are so frequent, because fixing the partners of their attention on the negative character traits, habits and actions of a once beloved person leads to erasing in the cortex of the so-called. maximum focus of arousal, and the most once-formed ideal image ...

Alas, if there is a gap, and nothing can be restored, it is better to forget ... Psychiatrists will confirm that it is impossible to live in the past (dangerous), because the subconscious is aimed at the future, ensures your progressive development ... Looking back, you enter the body into a depressed state, because the subconscious (unlike you) "understands", that is, is programmed solely for development, not for degradation ...

New about the activities of "ISIVET" LLC

Research that prepares and determines the crisis-free development of self-regulating social systems (a concept borrowed from our development, “Fundamentals of the Theory of Social Self-Regulating Systems”) in all their aspects (spirituality, social relations, economics ...), and are derived in the title of our institute activities.

Another direction that is equally important for us is innovative (innovative) activity.

     Dealing with the development of the economic potential of customers, we develop, attract and offer to introduce new equipment, technologies and organization of production in various industries.

One of these developments, allowing its users to have large, to put it mildly, revenues, is the New Organization of Labor in Commerce (NOTT). This technology, due to a sharp reduction in the turnover period of the ruble, turns this type of activity into an extremely profitable one.

(And this is far from its only dignity. So, no less attractive is the fact that turnover along with our system of work organization includes, along with the money supply, so-called depositary receipts, which cannot be limited by anything. Replacing the money supply, they does not fall under any

Our commodity turnover system is the basis for creating structures such as credit unions, allowing citizens to ensure, in addition to reducing costs for them in the consumer basket, the safety of their savings, to ensure their substantial growth.).

It should be noted, at the same time, the fact that this technology, by virtue of its social orientation, was developed as a mechanism for creating a powerful electorate. Therefore, politicians should also be very interested in the development of NOTs.

Our other development is one of the constitutional forms of protecting private business from criminal harassment of some officials, representatives of inspection bodies. This is the “Business Security Service” in the form of a non-profit partnership. Organizing it and participating in it will allow you to comprehensively solve all the problems associated with inspections of your company by any of the controlling structures. This is a highly effective system of self-defense for both business structures and entrepreneurs themselves.

We are also ready to provide a number of business services, in particular, to attract new (as well as used) equipment, technology and production management for you, to help you master them, to launch the entire technological chain of production or trade, to control its uninterrupted functioning with subsequent business consulting (in the field of marketing, taxation and law).

We are ready to provide the chosen direction with investment.

We can help you check any of your foreign partners for consistency, as well as warn you and prevent your contacts with potential domestic bankrupts.

We are ready to provide a range of services to foreign producers in the organization and development of their branches and representative offices, joint ventures and affiliated enterprises in Russia.

The organization involves the creation of representative offices and other turnkey organizational forms:

- formation of demand (market) for products, goods and services;

- development of regulatory documents for representative offices, selection of premises, selection of specialists, registration of the structure being created (if necessary, because a civil law contract does not require representation offices), organization of an advertising company, equipping with communication systems, transport, control over their activities and other necessary measures .

Development involves the use of aggressive marketing policies and includes work on:

- expansion of the information field for the goods presented, and hence the sales market;

- control over the activities of competitors;

- the development and implementation of measures to counter trade policy of competitors, as well as their products;

- collecting, processing and communicating to producers information on consumer complaints about their products;

- development of a network of service departments, including the production of spare parts, etc.

        In our power to carry out the selection of partners for your producers, assisting them in conducting trade transactions.

        Perhaps your manufacturers and you will be interested in analytical information concerning the state of the Russian markets for products, goods and services (both domestic and foreign), as well as other aspects of our livelihoods.

     Our capabilities allow us to offer you to conduct complex commodity exchange large-scale operations.

For each customer, we can select exactly the region that will be most interested in the presence of your products, goods and services.

We are ready to organize permanent or one-time exhibitions (exhibitions-sales) of products, goods and services of your manufacturers, primarily in Moscow,


Organizes the receipt of GRANTS (gratuitous targeted cash loans) for socially important ideas, projects, developments ... If you do not have a ready-made business plan, we will help you with this ...

We are ready to become your personal permanent assistant.

At your disposal are our lawyers, financiers, psychologists, business consultants, engineers ...

We will help you to create your own business, to ensure its constant protection, the provision of orders, the sale of your goods, works, services, as well as legal support.

 With us:

- You will not get into difficult situations;

- Your business will be prestigious and highly profitable;

- Your nerves will be calm;

- You will be confident in the future!

Decency, confidentiality and competence guarantee.

Popular activities of our company (LLC «ISIVJeT») are research and development of highly efficient technologies in the sphere of security, ecology, distributed energy.

One of the most interesting destinations in ecology is the development of technologies and techniques to combat desertification and the transformation of lifeless spaces in oases.

Arable land degradation and desertification are currently the biggest problem in the world.

Sands of the Sahara Sahel zone are moving at speeds up to 50 km a year, causing massive flows of economic and climatic migrants in Europe.

In place of the Aral Sea formed desert Aralkum.

Specializing in dealing with such natural anomalies, we are ready to offer you assistance in reducing soil erosion and increasing fertile, and even of arable land.

The most reliable way to sand fixation is their regeneration. In order to ensure the development of plants-peskozakrepitelej in the midst of moving sands you must keep the seeds to a dockable area until their germination, and then for a year to prevent blowing sand from root living layer.

To this end, fastened Sands (fixation surface) zhidkoobraznym bonding material (locking). To make the striker in large areas of our company (ISIVET) proposes to use the new technology of mechanized anchoring of sand in the deserts and semi-deserts, in particular gazostrujnuju the car cold flow (ahem-CP) with air flow ( cold) to 50 m 3/sec. mounted on the base of off-road vehicle (KAMAZ, Ural, databases). Width of treated with raspylom retainer strips-up to 100 m for passage depending on terrain.

Agrolesomellioracija allows to stabilize the ecological balance in the region, would create cropland, development of agricultural productions.

The machine is certified in Russian Federation.

TACTICAL vehicles: see. Annex 1

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