Dear friends! We open publications concerning our nearest plans. We are starting to recruit staff of all organizations mentioned on my blog. First about the Institute.

ISIVET LLC is a socially-oriented organization.

Our main task is the development of moral business among young people.

In our personnel policy, we rely on older people (who are not held by employers) and on young people (which business leaders do not want to see because of their lack of work experience), thus implementing the continuity of generations.

Studies that prepare and determine the crisis-free development of self-regulating social systems in all their aspects (spirituality, social relations, ideology, politics, economics ...), and are derived in the title of our institute, are the main subject of its activities.

Other, equally important areas for us are: innovation and implementation activities.

Being engaged in the development of the economic potential of Russia, we develop, attract and offer to introduce new equipment, technologies and organization of production in the most diverse industries.

To make it clearer for you, what kind of specialists we will be happy to see, here is a brief list of the most successful developments of the Institute (ISIETET LLC):


- The gas-jet machine of a cold stream for release from de-icing of the runway (Protected by the Patent of the Russian Federation. It has the certificate of conformity No. ROSS RU.MB21.H00740), ready for sale. Demand is available.

Agrarian sector.

- the technology of production of highly effective fertilizer "Biohumus", as well as full organic fertilizer with a neutral PH based on it. TU was developed by NIPTIOU Vladimir, ready to be launched into production. There is a demand;

- creation of wasteless, year-round, non-volatile, environmentally friendly agricultural production of a closed cycle - ready for implementation. Demand is great;

- land recultivation after military, road transport, aviation bases, as well as after man-made disasters. There is a demand;


- an improved sales system for commodity producers, which is organized at the expense of buyers, provides a sharp increase in sales, a reduction in the rate of turnover of the ruble, a reduction in the cost of marketable products, profit growth through the creation of a network of consumer societies and their depository centers (dual-use technology). Development is ready for implementation;


- automated fire fencing system (border, specially protected objects). Installation is under construction design documentation. Manufacturing will begin after obtaining a license and entering into contracts with affiliates;

- development of an anti-sniper automated system. The complex is under construction design documentation. Manufacturing will begin after obtaining a license and entering into contracts with affiliates;

Radio electronics.

- creation of a highly efficient security system of radio-relay type, which allows to “distinguish” 100,000 objects in the field of view, identifying them. The system is under development KTD;


- sound amplifier for swimmers-divers (dual-purpose technology) - ready for implementation;


- technological complex for industrial high-speed collection of petroleum products from the surface of reservoirs. A concept embodied in sketches. After the decision of a partner about investing, a prototype will be completed. One ton of adsorbent allows you to collect up to 10 tons of petroleum products. Flotation ability of the material is maintained up to 30 days. The degree of water purification reaches up to 97% !!! The cost of the adsorbent is 12,000 dollars per ton. Customers are available;

- the creation of artificial (not damaged) filters made from natural materials for the purification of any water and bringing its composition to drinking standards - at the modeling stage;

- technology of mechanized sand fixing in deserts and creation of oases based on this technique and technology. Development is ready for implementation;


- creation of installation for obtaining super cheap electricity. The experiments were successful. Working drawings are being developed;

- obtaining a combustible gas mixture from water. The experiments were successful. Prototypes are being prepared;

- production of new type wind turbines (mine, closed wind turbines). The project is stopped at the stage of creating an industrial design due to insufficient funding.

General Director of ISIVET LLC AG Nemchenko

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